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Meet Our Team

David Willoughby, Team Leader

As a Senior Mortgage Planner with Benchmark Mortgage, David sees himself as an advisor to his clients and partners that entrust him with their overall mortgage financial plans. With 24 years of experience, David uses his knowledge to not only help his clients and partners but also his fellow loan officers. He has been the branchtop unit producer for 18 of his 20 years with Benchmark. David has qualified as a top tier Platinum producer in the last 10 Production Trips. David and his wife have been married for 20 years, and between them have 7 kids and 8 grandkids. Needless to say, his time away from work is pretty exciting with all the kids and their lives.

Jenny Moss, Production Partner

Jenny is a licensed mortgage planner and her primary role is to assist you from the signing of your contract toyour on-time, perfect closing. Jenny will review all of your information and loan documents to ensure accuracy prior to sending the loan to underwriting. From there she will work closely with you to gather any additional

information that is necessary. Jenny is the best in the world at helping make the process easy by never asking for documents that are non-essential and by helping find the best way to obtain the documents that are. Jenny will update you every week along the way and make sure that your closing happens on-time and without any surprises.

Casey Robinson, Production Partner

As one of the Production Partners for David Willoughby at Benchmark Mortgage, Casey works alongside David to provide superior customer service from start to finish throughout the loan process. Casey is typically one of the first points of contact when beginning the homebuying process with The Willoughby Team and her passion for people helps her build a connection with clients that carries over long after they’ve left the closing table. She aims to provide each client with a personalized, efficient, and exceptional experience at all points throughout the process and is always available to assist clients with questions, submitting necessary documents,or anything they may need to ensure a smooth and stress-free closing.

Maria Grisby, Production Partner

Maria is one of David Willoughby’s Production Partners at Benchmark Mortgage. Her ultimate goal is to work diligently alongside David to service the needs of our clients, including our Spanish speaking clientele. She seeks to provide clients with an exceptional, personalized experience from the beginning of the loan process till closing. Maria specializes in requesting all of the necessary documents throughout the process and will be available for any essential questions. She understands the importance of homeownership and most importantly,of providing excellent customer service. Maria will ensure that you have a smooth closing process.